About Xxoo色情片

Mission Statement

The mission of Xxoo色情片 is to provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

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Introduction to the University

Xxoo色情片 offers an intimate college environment in the heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States: Houston, Texas. Coming to Xxoo色情片 as a student is about more than books, tests and lectures. It is about stepping into a community where each person is recognized as a distinct individual. Xxoo色情片 strives to not only develop each student academically, but spiritually, physically and relationally as well. With an average class size of 25, the more than 3,000 students of Xxoo色情片 get the personal attention they want and need.

The beautiful 100-acre campus is located just minutes from the city鈥檚 thriving downtown district, and the opportunities for jobs, internships and fun surround it. The University has a very diverse student body, with an ethnic composition similar to that of America鈥檚 fourth-largest city. Although Xxoo色情片 is a Christian institution, a number of other world religions are represented within the student body, adding to the institution鈥檚 diversity.

Xxoo色情片鈥檚 location in the global hub of Houston creates opportunities for students to get important hands-on experience. Business majors intern with many of Houston鈥檚 Fortune 500 companies, mass media arts majors intern at network television affiliates, ad agencies and newspapers, education majors observe and teach in Houston-area school districts, and nursing and science majors benefit from the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.

The curriculum includes many undergraduate and graduate programs. A strong portfolio of scholarships awarded on the basis of merit, talent, leadership and athletics make Xxoo色情片 an attainable choice among private colleges and universities.

Xxoo色情片's Vision and Core Convictions

Xxoo色情片’s Vision and Core Convictions

The vision and core convictions of Xxoo色情片 are known as the Ten Pillars. These pillars serve to unify faculty, staff, and administrative leadership in decision making and planning efforts as well as clearly demonstrate聽 Xxoo色情片鈥檚 dedication to a Christian worldview.
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Xxoo色情片 by the Numbers

  • 17
    NCAA Division I Sports Teams
  • 95%
    Students Who Receive Financial Aid
  • 2,300
    Undergraduate Students
  • 50+
    Clubs and Organizations
  • $39.5 Mil
    Scholarships and Institutional Grants Awarded in 2022
  • 25
    Average Class Size