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Xxoo色情片 offers students a higher education. By combining faith, reason and liberal arts into one core curriculum, we provide an education that鈥檚 based not only on technical training, but the teachings of Christ, reason, and the past successes and failures of humanity. It’s an education that puts our students on the fast track to being leaders, both in their careers and in their communities.

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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Study the truth of the Bible in its original context. This program prepares students to serve the body of Christ in a teaching and preaching role as a minister or in any setting to which God calls.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Gain marketable skills in the business disciplines. This program鈥檚 liberal arts foundation helps strengthen students鈥 skills in interpersonal communication, writing and critical analysis.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Study the philosophy of crime, law enforcement, adjudication, and corrections in our society. Graduates are prepared with a valuable set of skills for a range of careers in criminal justice.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Get a well-rounded education that enables you to teach or pursue additional studies. Students build a strong educational foundation and choose concentrations in humanities, math, science, and business.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Be prepared for many different career fields by learning interpersonal, analytical, and critical-thinking skills required in any professional environment. This program provides students with a balanced curriculum that promotes active learning.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Christian Counseling

Serve others and integrate your faith with the practice of counseling. Learners gain an understanding of the scientific and applied traditions of psychology as well as contemporary issues in Christian counseling.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Marriage and Family Studies

Serve others and understand family dynamics, systems theory, and counseling strategies used by marriage and family psychology researchers and therapists. Graduates are able to integrate their faith with counseling.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

Gain in-depth of knowledge of the Christian theological tradition. Graduates are prepared for theologically robust engagement with the world. This degree is tailored for those who desire to serve the body of Christ.

Bachelor of Arts to Masters in Psychology (BA-to-MAP)

Provides a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology in 5 years. The Accelerated MAP offers critical examination of psychology with methodology and experience for many different career fields.

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Readies learners for business relations and transactions in a global setting. Courses in management, marketing, accounting, finance and more are paired with a study of international cultural exchange.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Gain leadership ability, critical-thinking skills, team-building knowledge and an ethical decision-making value system. Graduates are equipped with an experience aimed at developing broad skills so that they have a competitive edge.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Helps future professionals to be well-versed in the planning, implementation and analysis of marketing strategies across industries. Coursework encompasses the human, financial, technological and administrative areas for effective marketing.

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