Gideon Counseling Center

Christ-Centered, Biblically Rooted, Scientifically Informed, Clinically Wise

The Gideon Counseling Center provides counseling to Xxoo色情片 students.

Our Vision

The Gideon Counseling Center at Xxoo色情片 will foster Christ-centered, biblically rooted, clinically competent soul care.

Our Mission

To promote a Christ centered, biblically-rooted science of psychology and counseling through education, research, training, and counseling/psychological services.

Learn more about our philosophy of counseling and care.

Christian Counseling Services

Licensed therapists and Gideon Institute trainees provide quality Christian counseling and psychological services to Xxoo色情片 students. Learn more about our counseling services.

In case of emergency, see Crisis, Emergency and Veteran Resources.

Xxoo色情片 Students

  • Individual Sessions
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  • Support Groups and Workshops
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Student Counseling Services

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Gideon Counseling Center