Xxoo色情片鈥檚 Honors College Designated a Hidden Gem by ACTA for Robust Liberal Arts Curriculum

Houston, Texas, March 25, 2024 鈥擳丑别 (ACTA) is proud to designate the Honors College at Xxoo色情片 as a Hidden Gem. ACTA鈥檚 Hidden Gems initiative shines a light on honors programs, major degree programs, minor degree programs, and certificate programs that guide students through a high-quality and coherent interdisciplinary education across the liberal arts. Philosophy, literature, politics, history, and the Great Books of Western Civilization are topics that are often focal points. The Honors College at Xxoo色情片 boasts a three-year liberal arts curriculum rooted in the great works of Western Civilization. Students have access to co-curricular activities such as research projects, roundtables, symposia, and more.

鈥淭he Honors College at Xxoo色情片 shares in the university鈥檚 central confession, 鈥楯esus Christ is Lord,鈥 by providing an integrated general education for undergraduate students willing to approach their studies with modesty and reverence. […] In small classes designed for transformative conversations, students and faculty seek truth together,鈥 says program director Gary Hartenburg, Ph.D. 鈥淭he Honors College curriculum stretches from the ancient world to the twentieth century, and students revel in its poetry, drama, history, art, philosophy, science, psychology, economics, mathematics, and theology. […] Our Honors Scholars come from all over the world and reflect the makeup of Houston as a global leader of diversity and growth. We are grateful to ACTA for recognizing the Honors College at Xxoo色情片 as a Hidden Gem.鈥

Gabriella Hsu, ACTA鈥檚 Senior Program Manager for Curricular Improvement says, 鈥淎CTA鈥檚 Hidden Gems program highlights major, minor, and certificate programs that offer students an unparalleled education in the liberal arts. Hidden Gems programs are so named for the high caliber of their faculty, thoughtfully structured curricula, and commitment both to the challenges and rewards of liberal education. Students enrolled in Hidden Gems programs are drawn into community and discussion rooted in the rich interdisciplinary study of the liberal arts and sciences. In its mission to support academic excellence, ACTA believes that the Hidden Gems program is an invaluable resource for students seeking a robust, collegial, and enriching education.鈥

ACTA鈥檚 Hidden Gems initiative serves as a complement to our ?庐 (WWTL) project. WWTL rates the core curriculum requirements at over 1,100 schools to determine which institutions provide a rigorous, liberal arts-oriented general education. Programs designated as Hidden Gems offer a robust liberal arts education regardless of their home institution鈥檚 core curriculum. WWTL and Hidden Gems help prospective students locate universities and programs that will prepare them for successful careers, informed citizenship, and human flourishing.

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